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May 15, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, make sure you follow me!), you would have noticed some tasty food pics lately. With so many new restaurants popping up, I try to go somewhere new each time and I love supporting local restaurants. Here are the ones I’ve tried and recommend!

CRUjiente Tacos

crujienete tacos

I’ve seen yummy taco pictures from here in my Instagram feed and have had it bookmarked for a while. Crujiente means crunchy so on their menu, you’ll find a few starters (their chips & guacamole is delicious), crunchy tacos, and street-style tacos. They’re not a traditional Mexican restaurant so you won’t find any beans or rice here. They also have a pretty large cocktail menu.

I’ve tried their Sandia salad, 36 hour beef short rib taco, pork belly taco, blue crab taco, fresh fish taco, and ahi poke taco. My favorite is probably the ahi poke. Think marinated ahi on top of a thin and crispy taro root. The pork belly is also really tasty. They don’t do combos, it’s more of a tapas style. 3 tacos plus an appetizer usually fills me up. I’ve been twice now and both experiences were great!

Provision Coffee

kyoto blossom tea

chocolate chip bourbon cookie

This coffee shop is pretty far away from me, but was worth the trip. They coffee shop is located inside of Palette Collective (a salon suite) and has minimal seating inside and outside. It’s not your traditional hipster coffee shop scene. They have a really unique coffee and signature drink menu. They also have wine and beer. Their signature drinks are coffee or tea mocktails. I tried the Kyoto Blossom which is made with sparkling white tea, muddled blackberries/blueberries, simple syrup, lavender bitters, and rose petals. It was very unique and unlike anything I’ve had before. They also have a minimal baked goods and food menu. I tried the bourbon chocolate chip cookie, which was also good and not too sweet. The barista was super friendly and very knowledgable.

Berry Divine Acai Bowls

vortex acai bowl

Who doesn’t love a good acai bowl, especially in Arizona where you can always go for something cold and refreshing. This is probably my favorite acai bowl place in the Valley. The portions are very generous and the price point is really good too. I tried the Vortex Bowl which has an acai blend with coconut water, strawberry, blueberry, and banana. It is topped with hemp seed granola, blueberry, banana, chia and flax seed, toasted coconut, and honey… yummy! I was definitely very full after the smaller size and couldn’t finish it all. All of their combinations look delicious, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

Stock & Stable

stock and stable mural

what else is possible mural

stock and stable chicken wings

If you only go to one place on this list, make it Stock & Stable. I went on a cool Saturday afternoon and sat on the patio. We had the best crispy fried chicken wings. While the menu says it’s a bbq sauce, it was more of a hot sauce to me because it has a vinegar base. The chicken wings were ginormous and fried perfectly. It also comes topped with butter pickles. I had the braised short rib, which was so good. The portion was huge, I couldn’t finish it all and the leftovers were just as good the next day. The short ribs were truly melt in your mouth and it came with mashed potato. Their crispy chicken sandwich is also very good and the chicken is fried perfectly, just like the wings. I don’t know how they fry their chicken but it’s not greasy or heavy at all. Their brunch menu also looks amazing. I loved everything about this place and have been telling everyone about it since.

Sweet Provisions

sweet provisions coconut cream pie

sweet provisions scottsdale

I was excited to see a new dessert place open up down the street from me. The concept is similar to Churn in Phoenix but I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily known for their ice cream (at least not yet). They have candy, baked goods, and ice cream here. I got the coconut creme pie slice (very generous slice). The crust was probably the best part of the pie, although the whole thing was delicious. I also sampled their magic bar which was also very tasty. Super cute little dessert spot if you’re craving something sweet!

Kodo Sushi Sake

chirashi bowl

kodo sushi sake

eel bowl

kyoto sushi sake

Ok, I know I said if you had to go to one place, make it Stock & Stable… but if you’re craving sushi, you have to go to Kodo Sushi Sake. The sushi here is probably the best I’ve had in Arizona and I would say rivals a lot of other places in larger cities like SF or LA. I went with my parents and we got the chirashi bowl, poke, and eel bowl. The chirashi was my favorite and for $18 is a great deal. We got generous portions of ahi, yellowtail, toro, and salmon on top of their black (more purple in color) sushi rice. The poke was good but a little spicy for my taste. My mom really liked her eel bowl and she said she never had that much eel in her life. The eel pieces were huge and very good. The owner/chef also brought out two other dishes for us. I’m not sure what the first one was but the second one was a seared salmon. I’ve never had seared salmon but I really liked it! He also brought out mochi for us. The mochi itself was very sweet in a good way, unlike any other mochi ice cream I’ve had before. I was surprised at how busy they were considering the location is a little off the beaten path. They don’t have very many options if you don’t eat raw fish so definitely come with your sushi friends although they do have gyoza and udon noodles.


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