Hiking Camelback Mountain

May 1, 2017

Camelback Mountain is probably one of the most popular hikes in the greater Phoenix area. Almost 6 years ago, a few of us decided to hike Camelback Mountain (the Echo Canyon trail) in the middle of the day in July. I think this may have been my first time hiking and I was not prepared. I had one water bottle with me, which I easily went through before the half-way point. I struggled and had to stop and wait for my friends. Since then, I have sworn off hiking Camelback.


Fast forward 6 years, I love hiking and try to go as often as possible. I also go to HIIT workout classes 5 times a week and have been in the best shape of my life. I finally decided it was time for me to conquer Camelback Mountain… it was now or never! Anna and I had a good pace going the whole time although my legs definitely felt like spaghetti towards the end. The 360° view of the Valley from the summit is unbeatable and totally worth it.


As cheesy as it is, I love hiking because it’s a physical metaphor of everyone’s journey. Everyones path is different and some parts are easy while others really put you to the test. Sometimes destinations shift and that’s okay too. The most important part is taking the first step and enjoying the journey.


More information can be found here with info on where to park and some tips and tricks. I highly recommend wearing a good pair of hiking boots, having a waterpack backpack, and some snacks for energy.

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