Spring Cleaning with Poshmark

May 3, 2017

How many of you have clothes in your closet that you’ve had for years but haven’t worn in the last year? I’m definitely guilty of this. I still have clothes that I’ve had since college (over 5 years now) that no longer fit and I haven’t touched since, thinking that I may need it one day. Recently, I’ve been cleaning out my closet and selling everything on Poshmark or at a local consignment store. Those shoes that I’ve worn once because they hurt my feet? Sold. Those shorts that are way too big on me? Sold. That dress I wore to formal once but haven’t worn since? Goodbye.

Poshmark Clothes

I first discovered Poshmark when I was looking for a pair of shoes that I had in black. I had bought them a few years ago and did a Google search hoping to find something similar. I came across the exact pair I wanted in my size on Poshmark. Even better, they were only $11! Not only can you sell your clothes on Poshmark, you can buy items that you missed out on or search for gently used clothing. For example, I recently purchased a pair of super cute Joe’s Jeans shorts for $25 with shipping and a Nike 3/4 Thermal Zip I almost bought at the store for $18.

To sell, all you have to do is find clothes that you no longer want, snap some pictures, add in the details, set a price, and that’s it! I like to take my pictures in natural lighting to accurately depict the item’s color and take several photos at different angles. Try to provide measurements too like what the inseam is of the shorts your selling and the waist measurement when laid flat. I also price my items to sell. I see some people trying to get top dollars for their items. For example, I’ve seen something for sale that I bought years ago and remember generally how much I paid for it and they’re trying to sell it for full price. Play around with your price points and look up similar items if you’re not sure.

Shipping is also very easy. Order some free Priority Mail boxes through USPS  (make sure you’re not using the flat rate boxes) and print out the shipping label that Poshmark emails you once your item has been sold. Then, schedule a free pick-up. That’s it!

Poshmark has a very social component to it. People can comment and ask questions on your items, offer a different price, and help you share your listings. You can also share your listings on your social channels to help get more exposure to your items. You can redeem your credits as cash or use it towards future purchases with Poshmark.

Now is the perfect time to clean out your closet and make some extra cash. Want $5 on your next purchase? Use code ‘BWXXA’ when you sign-up!

Check out my closet here.


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